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Agriculture in every country is in turmoil. There is an urgent need to heal the land. This endevor must start with the soil. The soil is the stomach of the plants. A clear need to Increase Harvest, add a Higher brix and a higher Yeild to each season and to cut cost in every area.

Immune System

You can protect yourself from getting infected so easily by building up your immune System. Our Cutting edge technology helps you acheive health.


We offer consulting in Microbiology solutions to help your company solve more complex or technical issues with the help of Eden’s team of experts

Waste Managment 

Our Eden project has the tecnology to Elleminate landfills off the face of the planet, at a cost effective highly efficent method. Toxic landfills are now a thing of the past. 

Livestock Solutions

Eden Solutions offers more humane living conditions for livestock. There is a continual need to elliminate amonia poisoning in order to Increase harvest and have a happier, healthier livestock with a reduced disease rate.

Fish Farming

Aquatic Solutions to all the issues plaguing the fish farming busness.

Sewage-Water Purification

Crating clean water from the most toxic water on the planet is now possible using microbes. Clean rivers, lakes, ponds and cesspools at unimaginable speeds and cost efficiency.

Cosmectics Skincare

Eden Cosmedics understands the importants of the correct approach to fixing the skin’s microbiome.

Our collaborators