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What we need is Microbes. But it’s not so easy to get.

This is the amout of microbes Eden concentrated formulas are capable of delivering. But it was no easy task, 30 plus years of searching for answers has created what you see in a small drop of water being veiwed by the top scientist under a microscope. What you are looking at was a pinch of our powdered formula that was just put into water before filming the microbes that sprang to life. 


Roots can not grow without Microbes.

this a comparision of the roots of a plant grow using our microbial formaula. As you can see there is 2.5x more root hairs on a plant grown with Eden-Microbes.

Pestides Kill microbes

If you make the soil sterile then there are no microbes to grow root hairs

Herbacides kill microbes

You cant single out kill one plant without damaging or kill another

Fungicides kills microbes

If the soil is completely sterile nothing will grow.

Glyphosates are antibiotics 

Yes, An antibiotic which kills all microbial life.